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RF (Radio Frequency)

Light Therapy


RF( Radio Frequency) is a clinical proven and safe technology for the non-surgical and painless tightening of the early signs of loose and sagging skin.

RF treatment gives a very comfortable and relaxing thermal sensation. It’s brilliant combination after skin peeling treatments. Skin feel immediate tightening due to the tissues and collagen contraction and tightening improvements appearing gradually over the months. For best results, a session every 1-3 weeks with an average of 6 sessions is recommended. Clients undergo Botox, fillers and light therapy are also recommended for longer lasting results. Lifting can be done just on eye area or full face lift including neck.

Suitable for:

  • Eyebags/ Droopy eyelids/ poor circulation/ puffy eyes
  • Wrinkle and fine lines
  • Flattening of the cheeks
  • Lines from nose to mouth
  • Loosening jaw lines

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