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BEAUTYLANE provides complete range of beauty treatments, which includes facial, nails, and hair removal, brow and lash tint, as well as eyeliner and lip tattoo, eyebrow and eyelash enhancement services for unisex.

We pride ourselves to be Singapore’s multi-award winning beauty specialists!

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My Beautylane Journey by Janet Lim

I am happily married to a very supportive and loving husband and very lucky for the past 26 years to turn my passion into a business, making friends out of faithful and loyal customers.

I love what I do and I am passionate about making people happy, looking beautiful and feeling confident and I also get a lot of pleasure nurturing and watching my team grow along the way.

I am serving 3 generations of clientele and I won awards for recognition of my services.

Life wasn’t always like this… My late father opened a florist after I was born so I grow up in an environment that was always surrounded with beautiful things and flowers.. I knew then, at the early age of 16, that I wanted my working life to be involved with beauty.

I started selling perfume and cosmetics door to door before working as a trainee in 2 beauty salons. Having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills. I started my own beauty business in 1990 and Beautylane was born; a cozy 2-cabin salon.

Like all one man start ups in those days. I had to take care of marketing (including distributing thousands of flyers to household and apartments.) I had to take care of sales and services. I did everything while pursuing a beauty diploma during business hours on weekdays and providing beauty services in the evenings and weekends. It was 7days full on for a couple of years. I was tired but I had no choice as someone had to pay the rent.

Memories of my very first walk in client in the early 90’s are still fresh in my mind. After a 5-minute consultation. She enjoyed her treatment and became a regular client and good friends just like many of my other customers have.

Another happy client was Anne Goswami.. Mrs Singapore Universe 2015. Leading up to her pageant, I saw her regularly to help maintain and improve her optimal complexion for the event and increase her confidence level helping her to her success. It was very emotional and satisfying watching her receiving her crown on stage.

Through experience and having learnt the hard way in some cases I now have a smooth running system in place and with my capable team and thousands of loyal customers, I am looking forward with confidence to the next chapter of my beauty story.

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Contact Janet and the Beautylane Team to book your complimentary consultation.

Discover our award-winning service and state-of-the-art treatments!